Prints & Collages

Poster Print of a 3D Collage
Happy Gloves - 42" x 27 3/8" Photo credit: Granite Art Services
Poster Print of a 3D Collage
Changing Directions - 40 3/8" x 34 3/8" Photo credit: Granite Art Services
Poster Print of a 3D Collage
Fish Tales - 64" x 30" Photo credit: Granite Art Services

As André Harvey continued creating his bronze sculpture and sculptural jewelry, he also created many collages. The art prints were derived from his collages.

The Collages reflect his love for time-worn objects, some common, some not. The Collages are made from assembled artifacts that caught his eye or “tugged” at him, whether for their color, “feel,” or for the “story” they told. They appealed to his passion for what is real.

The archival prints place importance on everyday objects, and make us see them in a new way, sometimes reflecting our own experience. Each print tells a story, whether it is the texture and feel of Happy Gloves, which evokes the experience of joyful work, or the colorful imagery of antique glass reflectors in Changing Directions (and the feeling that doing so was the right decision), or the antique fishing bobbers (and the peacefulness they evoke) juxtaposed to images of war in Fish Tales.

An archival printing process using stable, pigmented inks provides, according to the maker, fade-free longevity for at least 200 years. Unlike dye-based inks, the artwork, printed on 100% rag paper with a weight of 308 grams, is not affected by sunlight, artificial light, or humidity.

In addition, the process accurately captures the true colors and textures of the collages and the optics are so crisp that the print appears almost three-dimensional. The prints take the creative process a step beyond the original work. They make the original a maquette for the print.

Each print is signed and numbered by André Harvey, and is limited to an edition of 100.

Poster Print of Bronze Sculpture Helen the Pig

Photo credit: Jim Graham


This fine art poster is printed using high quality offset lithography on acid-free paper, 24" x 29". The cost of $50 includes shipping and handling (USA only). Please call for shipping rates outside the U.S.

To order, please send check or money order to

André Harvey Studio
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For credit card orders and further information please call (302) 656-7955.